Transformers 3: Fotos & Videos von den Dreharbeiten (Chicago)

Derzeit finden die Dreharbeiten für Transformers 3 statt, nämlich in Chicago.

Vor kurzem hat der Admin von Michael Bay’s Forum sich gemeldet, denn er war selbst am Set und konnte somit Fotos aus Perspektiven machen, wo sonst keiner der Schaulustigen hinkommt, außerdem sind diese Fotos auch in guter Qualität un mit hoher Auflösung.

Nelson here…

I arrived at the Chicago Michigan Ave. set on Friday, July 16th. I was greeted by Mike Case (Bay’s assistant) and was taken to Bay’s monitor tent which was in the middle of a war zone. Michael greeted and proceeded to ask some things about the site. He then took out his iPad and showed me animatics of some sequences. Holy moly. This movie is going to be huge!!! In my opinion, more epic than TF2 with the first time amazement of TF1. I wish I could tell you what I saw on the animatics, but I can’t.

Bay was filming a scene with Shia (Sam) & Rosie (Carly) in which they were hiding within a wrecked and flipped car. At around that time the temperature hit 102 degrees (including humidity index). It was so hot that Shia was sweating through his leather jacket and as was Rosie. Back to the scene… apparently the scene is one in which a Decepticon is hunting for them. As Bay filmed this, a cue from the score was played to add to the suspense.

As the crew broke for lunch, I met Lester Speight (Cole Train on Gears of War) and went on to lunch with him. He was very nice and delightful.

Later, I got to meet the rest of the cast: Shia, Rosie, Tyrese, and Josh.

I had the pleasure of talking to Shia for for about 30 minutes and with Tyrese and Josh for another 30 minutes. All these guys have an impressionable work ethic, are fun to talk to and down-to-earth people. And that goes for the rest of the crew. I many many nice and professional people that are working their hardest to make this movie successful and entertaining.

As the day came about, Bay, Shia, Tyrese & Josh all came to meet than fans that had been waiting since 7am to catch a glimpse down the street. They also were interviewed by CBS 2 TV in which Bay praised the city of Chicago.

As always, Bay left the best for last. Explosions and gunfire!!

That’s it for now. I will post a video of some of the activities later.


Den Beitrag, sowie alle Fotos von Nelson kann man sich hier ansehen.

Was es sonst noch gibt, ist ein Video, welches ebenfalls von Nelson gedreht wurde. Videos vom Set sind nichts neues, davon sind in den vergangenen Tagen mehr als genügend aufgetaucht, aber nicht aus dieser Nähe und auch nicht in dieser Qualität:

Dieses Video hier zeigt, dass Optimus Prime mit einen Anhänger, so wie es von vielen G1-Transformers Fans gewunschen wurde

Es gibt viel zu viele Videos & Fotos um sie alle hier zu zeigen, daher gibt es die Möglichkeit alle relevanten Neuigkeiten zum Chicago Dreh (inklusive allen Fotos & Videos!) auf TFLAMB (Transformers Live Action Movie Blog)  anzusehen:

TFLAMB – Alle Neuigkeiten was die Produktion in Chicago angeht

Leider sind bereits die meisten Videos die Optimus Prime mit Anhänger zeigen bereits offline genommen worden, aufgrund eines Urheberrechtsanspruchs seitens Paramount…